Offshore registration

Offshore registration

Offshore registration

You can buy an offshore company with an account in “E-COMMERCE BROKER” on transparent terms of cooperation. An offshore company is a country where special conditions for conducting business of foreign companies are in place.

Offshore companies, depending on the jurisdiction, are partially or fully exempt from tax payments. Our experts conduct registration in an offshore jurisdiction in compliance with the relevant draft laws of the current legislation.

In the working process, we rely on the wishes of our clients and the tasks set. Offshore companies provide accounting reports once a year. Information about the owners of such organizations is confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties. The accumulated experience allows us to professionally cope with tasks of different complexity levels.


Complex and modern approach to doing business

We offer our clients a full range of services for registration or sale of ready-made offshore companies, servicing companies in this field, as well as help to open a merchant account (a specific type of bank account, which is designed to receive transfers made by bank cards).

The specialists of E-COMMERCE BROKER Company will perform competent connection of card processing (VISA/Mastercard). At your request, we will be happy to share our practical experience and provide useful recommendations, which are especially useful for start-up entrepreneurs.

The electronic payment system is tuned in accordance with modern technologies. In the working process, we use innovative equipment that works in uninterrupted mode. Our team works exclusively for results!


Offshore registration/re-registration process

At the stage of collecting the necessary documents for the registration process, it is necessary to select the company name and be sure to check its uniqueness. After that the information and passport data about the organization structure are collected:

• director, shareholder;                                                                                                                                                                                                   • attorney, beneficiary.

In some jurisdictions, it will be necessary to conduct due diligence. To perform this procedure, additional documents may be required, for example, a bank reference confirming the address of the permanent residence, etc.

If you are interested in re-registering a ready-made company, the first thing worth noting is the need for a procedure to change the composition of the organization. That is, the change of management staff (director, beneficiary, secretary) is performed. The guarantee that the company you are buying, absolutely clean, is the presence of letters of directors, that the company for the entire period of existence has not conducted financial calculations, as well as no liabilities and debts.

The main guarantor of the absence of debts is the fact that the company does not have a current account. E-COMMERCE BROKER” company values the acquired reputation, works honestly and closes each project turnkey.

Clients are fully provided with information and legal support regarding the activities of an offshore company. We will answer all questions and tell you in detail about online payment systems. In order for the final result to be positive for the client and absolutely legal, it is important to contact the proven partner companies, which include E-COMMERCE BROKER.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for registration/purchase of an offshore and connection of an electronic money system, please use any of the above communication methods.

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