Open an offshore company

Open an offshore company

Open an offshore company

Open an offshore company

Many entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into taking their business direction to the next level. Opening an offshore company – this solution will be one of the best options to guarantee the development of activities.

E-COMMERCE BROKER offers professional assistance in setting up an offshore company. At your request, we will provide detailed advice and answer any questions you may have. Our qualified specialists:

• will help you decide on the country of incorporation of your company;
• advise on how to minimize possible failure risks;
• will prepare an appropriate documentation package.

After successful registration of the offshore organisation, account opening, we will execute a competent merchant. The specialists will make a reliable and secure connection to the payment system to the site. Connect card processing (VISA/Mastercard).

Thanks to the accumulated experience, we successfully cope with tasks of different levels of complexity and urgency. We work responsibly, competently and on a transparent scheme. Please contact us, we look forward to a fruitful partnership!


Payment systems for the site

Our company will help a successful startup to open accounts in EU banks. A positive result when opening an offshore company is due to the possession of perfect professional skills and abilities.

We keep our hand on the pulse and always know the best jurisdictions. The sphere in which our team works is characterized by various transformations. This is why we can easily adapt to loyal and frequently changing work processes.

It should be noted that in the financial market of international orientation, requirements change quite often, conditions improve, and new potential partners appear.


It is important for economically profitable and optimal offshore registration:

1. To timely monitor the current situation in the world.
2. study, analyze and make comparisons of legislative nuances.

It is not so easy for an entrepreneur to carry out these actions, because it takes a lot of time, which could be rationally spent on the development of commercial direction. Our specialists are competent to choose the required jurisdiction.

When registering a company and connecting an electronic payment system, we rely on the current legislative base of the chosen country, the tasks set and personal wishes of the customer.

The key objective of opening an offshore company is to guarantee the confidentiality of its activities and partial/full exemption from making tax payments. Some offshore states are quite loyal in terms of control, for example, lack of currency monitoring.

The company “E-COMMERCE BROKER” will help to open an offshore company with the configuration of payment systems. We offer our clients affordable rates without unreasonable overpayments. Registration in an offshore company will significantly improve financial results, provided a thorough approach.

To date, the offshore sector is gaining rapid pace of development, which is why it is necessary to have timely actual information about the rating of certain countries. These tasks are competently performed by the experts of our company.

To contact us, please use the contact details provided. You can submit your application online via email, WhatsApp. Territorially our office is located in Riga. We work with individuals and legal entities from any country.

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