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Bitcoin Merchant Account


Merchant account for receiving Bitcoin

Due to the continuous development of technologies and ways to conduct commercial activities on the Internet, along with traditional currencies, has appeared Bitcoin – an electronic currency, recognized around the whole world.

This is the most recognizable electronic cash, which is trusted more and more every
year. Cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin, is a monetary unit with a decentralized
system that is distributed across the Global Web.

With Bitcoin online payment methods have become more convenient and secure. Now, quickly, simply and reliably, customers can pay for goods and services in online stores, being in different parts of the world.

The Bitcoin industry is relatively new, so increased caution is being shown by acquirer banks. Enterprises that conduct settlements in the Bitcoin system are classified as high-risk businesses.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company offers to open a high-risk merchant account or Bitcoin merchant account for accepting Bitcoin on favorable terms and taking into account the specifics of business processes. Besides, international acquiring is available with us, which allows you to serve cards of various payment systems: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and so on.

Benefits of opening a Bitcoin merchant account

The online business has become an integral part of our lives today. Thanks to electronic commerce it is possible to make purchases quickly and conveniently without carrying a large amount of cash in your wallet.

Internet acquiring means paying with bank cards on the Internet. Even though it is very convenient and fast, nevertheless each credit / debit card is a product of the bank, and, accordingly, has its limitations.

Payment with digital currency Bitcoin allows you to transfer funds using blockchain
technology, without disclosing information. The main advantages of opening a merchant for Bitcoin are:

• Low transaction fees.

• Lack of control by the bank or any other financial institution.

• Security and confidentiality of information.

• Transaction irreversibility.

• Conversion to fiat (paper) currency.


Offer from E-COMMERCE BROKER Company

E-COMMERCE BROKER has been successfully tracking the trends in international
business for 10 years, as a result of which we can offer our customers the most relevant services for processing payment transactions on credit / debit cards, electronic checks, as well as the modern direction – Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments.

Paymentgate is an innovative technology of Internet acquiring, which allows you to pay for goods and services on the Internet even without a terminal that reads data from a credit card. To use this technology, the user needs to have a virtual card or electronic wallet, to which a plastic card of the bank is attached.

The payment processor E-COMMERCE BROKER is a successful player in the field of processing cryptocurrency payments. Our team of specialists is ready to offer you the best services that allow you to securely and safely open a Bitcoin merchant account.

This will reduce your costs of accepting credit card payments, as well as attract the
loyalty of Partners from the bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Merchant Account
Bitcoin Merchant Account

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