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Gaming Merchant Account

Merchant account for gambling

Gambling is always fraught with risks, therefore, refers to a high-risk type of electronic business. This creates many features for the owner of such a business when opening a payment gateway to receive payments from players and make them pay money on credit cards.

If you are the owner of a gambling online business, then you need the help of a professional team of experts. Since the income from the business consists of the ability to accept payments from customers, in the absence of a merchant account, it will not work successfully.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company is a reliable provider of payment services, which cooperates with various types of gambling business:

• online casino;

• puzzle;

• simulators;

• betting shops or any other types of online games.

We offer individual solutions for each type of online commercial activity, taking into account the specifics and characteristics of the company. We serve both casinos from the EU and casinos from offshore jurisdictions.


Quick merchant account connection

The gaming business is based on cash transactions carried out online by transferring money from card to account and vice versa. It looks like the simple mechanism – card processing, but is a well-thought-out algorithm of actions that is carried out between players, a bank and an online gaming platform.

As a result of complex operations, all the data is collected, verified and transmitted. In this case, you can only trust the payment services of your business as to a trusted, reliable provider. E-COMMERCE BROKER has accumulated 10 years of experience and knowledge that can guarantee customers the proper alignment of the payment system, taking into account the existing risks inherent in game traffic.

We work with many successful acquiring banks around the world, so we can connect your online gaming company to any of our partners. We offer you the opportunity will allow your business to become successful internationally.



The E-COMMERCE BROKER company is interested in ensuring that your gaming business exists for a long time and brings a good income. That is why we offer specialized trading services that are developed individually for each client, based on the characteristics of the industry, as well as taking into account the location of the company.

The payment gateway of the merchant account allows you to accept payments from international cards, such as VISA, MasterCard and others, as well as from the types of cards existing within a particular country, using alternative online payment methods.


Stages of the workflow for opening a merchant account

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company is distinguished by an integrated approach to work and performs the opening of merchant accounts in stages. To create a reliable payment gateway for the gambling business, you will need to initially prepare a number of documents. Our employees will help you with this by collecting, checking and attesting each form.

After this, the package of documents is submitted to the acquiring bank, where it is planned to open an account. Having concluded the contract, we will transfer to you the data on your merchant account and you can start accepting online payments, as well as unilaterally monitor all transactions on it.

Gaming Merchant Account
Gaming Merchant Account

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