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Low Risk Merchant Account

Low-risk merchant account

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company helps to register a merchant account for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and for a number of other brands of plastic cards and payment wallets.

A merchant account is a reliable and fast way to receive money transfers from bank cards online, and this tool allows you to expand the scope of activities and save money on processing international payments.
The development of e-commerce leads to the need to find reliable and competent
partners who could contribute to improving the functioning of the business.

We are exactly the company with which you can develop, improve, and build the
functioning of your company as efficiently as possible. More and more sellers of goods and services go online today, as the virtual world opens up endless possibilities for work.
Paying for purchases online requires special payment solutions and cooperation with trusted acquiring banks. Our team cooperates with a large number of banking
institutions, among which we will help you choose a partner that offers your customers reliable payment through an Internet gateway.

Low-Risk Seller Features

Merchant account Visa, MasterCard, American Express for low-risk businesses is a
unique tool that allows you to efficiently process payments online. SSL and PCI
gateways guarantee safe work with bank cards when paying through a website on the Internet.
Online merchants, in the eyes of acquirer banks, are divided into 3 categories: high,
medium, and low risk. The risk level is determined depending on the type of activity that a particular seller conducts. When evaluating the Bank, the following aspects are taken into account:

• a large percentage of chargebacks;

• high probability of fraud;

• negative credit history;

• the amount of monthly sales;

• card transaction size and other factors.

Whatever type of activity you are engaged in, whether it is an online store, an online
restaurant or services, our company will register a reliable online payment gateway for your business in one of our partner banks and offer individual payment solutions, taking into account the specifics of the commercial area.

Opening a merchant account with E-COMMERCE BROKER

Internet trading covers a huge audience of users and is distributed around the world. If you own your online store, and your electronic business is a low-risk business, then with us you can save money on servicing a payment gateway, since we offer the best prices for this service.
Businessmen with low-risk accounts can engage in various areas of trade, offer all kinds of services and goods, but there are still similarities between them. Operations that go through the payment gateway of such companies are usually repeated and are the same for different types of activities:

• Online credit / debit card payments;

• ASN and eCheck services;

• customer support around the clock;

• internet security.

To clarify all the features of registering a merchant account and get acquainted with all our payment solutions, we suggest visiting our office in Riga or contacting us via phone or email. We are glad to meet you and guarantee the highest level of service in the international class.

Low Risk Merchant Account
Low Risk Merchant Account

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