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Online apparel processing

Online-store of clothing and shoes

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly today. More and more retail stores go online to sell their products to a large audience of Internet users from all over the world.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company offers you to build such a processing of customer bank cards that will allow you to receive payments for transactions quickly and safely.

We cooperate with sellers whose business is connected with the sale of the following types of goods:

• clothes;

• footwear;

• bags, wallets;

• jewelry products;

• accessories.

Regardless of what you sell on the website of your store, our experts will help you register your personal online payment gateway, taking into account the specifics and needs of business processes.

Merchant account for an online clothing and shoe store

We offer to open a low-risk merchant account so that the customers of your online store can make online payments from their plastic cards or electronic wallets. Payment through an Internet gateway makes it possible to conduct payment transactions without risk, quickly and efficiently.

A merchant account for an online store merchant is a unique opportunity to increase its competitiveness and expand its business, taking it outside the borders of our state.

The advantage of online trading is that the activity of online stores is not limited geographically. It means you can sell goods around the world from your website, the main thing is that each client has the opportunity to pay for purchases with bank cards directly from the store’s website.

For that reason, you need an international merchant account. To open an banking account in Europe, you will need, firstly, to find a suitable acquiring bank, and secondly, to conclude an agreement with the bank. Our company “E-COMMERCE BROKER” organizes this opportunity for you.

Our cooperation with banks around the world allows us to offer you the most convenient and reliable partner in the face of an acquirer bank for making international payments. Our payment solutions allow you to process transactions of different brands of plastic cards: MasterCard, American Express, VISA, as well as electronic wallets.

To familiarize yourself with all the details of cooperation, contact the specialists of E-COMMERCE BROKER, who will be happy to advise you.


How to get a merchant account at E-COMMERCE BROKER?

A merchant account allows you to control all ongoing payment transactions. The security level of our solutions excludes any third parties from interfering in the business process. The company E-COMMERCE BROKER conducts its activities strictly within the framework of Russian and international legislation.

To get advice or to draw up a contract for the provision of banking system processing services, you can personally visit our office located in Tallinn or Riga, or contact our managers via messenger phones/e-mail.


Having connected a payment gateway, in return you receive:

24/7 technical support and advice;

uninterrupted processing of cards;

favorable prices for services, special offers for regular customers;

individual payment solutions for business.

Online Apparel Processing
Online Apparel Processing

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